Apple Stock price on etoro – In 2023 Complete Guide

Etoro is a multi-asset investment platform where traders and investors can invest in and choose from over 3,000 different financial assets. Assets include stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, currencies, and commodities. You can invest in these assets as you wish either for short-term, medium-term, or long-term investments. This kind of opportunity makes Etoro platform suitable for every investor. In this guide, we will learn Apple stock price on Etoro, why you should choose Etoro for Apple stock trading, its benefits, and more.

Apple stock chart on Etoro
Apple stock chart on the Etoro platform

Why choose Etoro for Apple Stock Trading?

eToro is a popular online platform for buying and selling Apple stocks. Choosing etoro for Apple Stock Trading because it is easy to use and doesn’t charge any fees for trading which means investing in Apple stocks is more accessible to everyone. What makes eToro unique compared to other platforms? Let’s look at the advantages of using eToro for trading Apple stocks and its unique feature called “social trading.”

Apple Stock Price on Etoro | Benefits of Etoro for Apple Trading

One of the biggest benefits of using Etoro for Apple stock trading is that you don’t need more investment money. If you have a small amount of money then you can invest here. eToro allows you to buy fractional shares, which means you can invest with as little as $10 which is a very good choice for all kinds of investors as they don’t need enough budget to start. One of the best news for new investors who have less money.

In addition, eToro lets you trade stocks during extended hours, which means you can buy and sell even when the market is closed. It also offers convenient features for managing your money, such as automatic deposits and withdrawals, as well as transferring funds between accounts. This flexibility makes it easy to handle your investments, which is why eToro is a top choice for trading Apple stocks.

Social Trading in Etoro

eToro’s social trading feature is what makes it different from other platforms. It allows you to learn from experienced investors. You can explore and copy the trades of expert investors, which gives you valuable insights and strategies to improve your own trading skills.

By talking to other investors and sharing knowledge in the eToro community, you can make better decisions about your investments and understand market trends. You can become one of the smarter investors in the future by using eToro which has access to a lot of information and insights.

So, if you want to trade Apple stocks, eToro is a great platform to consider. It is very easy to use for beginners and offers many benefits. Thus, this gives you the opportunity to learn from experienced traders.

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Apple Stock Price History

  • In June 1982, Apple’s stock had come a long way from its lowest point of $0.23.
  • It reached its highest value of $182.13 in December 2021 after adjusting for stock splits.
  • If we don’t consider the effect of stock splits, the value of Apple’s stock would be over $1,800 per share in 2021.
  • Apple’s consistent release of technology products has helped its stock grow over the past few decades.
  • The stock price rose 6.6% when Apple released its first iPod in 2001.
  • The iMac and MacBook products contributed to a 263% increase in Apple’s stock when they became popular in the computer retail market.
  • When Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, its stock increased to 15.9%.
  • The market debut of the iPad in 2010 caused another 40% increase in Apple’s stock.
  • We can expect to grow the stock market in the future with the release of Apple’s new products.

How to trade Apple Stocks?

Here is the step-by-step guide you can apply to trade Apple stocks :

  1. Use online brokerage and trading platforms like eToro to invest in AAPL stocks easily and conveniently.
  2. With eToro, you can purchase real Apple shares and enjoy the benefit of zero commission when you open a non-leveraged buy position.
  3. Alternatively, you have the option to trade Apple shares through contracts for difference (CFDs).
  4. CFD trading lets you take a position on Apple shares without actually owning the stock.
  5. Besides leveraged trading, CFDs also offer margin trading, which allows you to access the full market with a small initial investment.

How to buy Apple stock on Etoro?

First, Login or create an account on Etoro:

SignUp page on Etoro
Create your account or Login

then after creating or logging in you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can see the search feature at the top of the dashboard. Click on search then type “Apple” You can see the result then click on the corresponding button “Trade

Trade button page on etoro
Click on the Trade button

After this enter the amount you wish to invest in Apple stock and take profit according to your trading preferences and Click on the Open “Trade button“.

Funding etoro account for Apple Stocks

  1. Once your account is ready, it’s time to fund it.
  2. eToro provides a variety of deposit options to make the funding process quick and secure.
  3. You can start investing in Apple stocks with a minimum deposit of just £10.
  4. eToro offers multiple deposit options, including bank transfers, wire transfers, debit/credit cards, and e-wallets like PayPal.
  5. The specific details of these deposit options may vary depending on your country of residence.
  6. eToro’s flexible deposit options aim to provide a hassle-free funding experience.
  7. With a smooth funding process, you can focus on investing in Apple stocks.


How much does it cost to buy stock in Apple?

To buy one stock in Apple it costs $174.20.

Buy dogecoin on Etoro?

Step 1) First create an account and log in to Etoro.
Step 2) Click Trade Markets and select “Crypto”
Step 3) Scroll down and search “dogecoin”
Step 4) When you find dogecoin, Click Buy
Step 5) Set the amount according to your budget and invest it.

How to buy apple stock for 1?

Fractional shares allow investors to buy a fraction or portion of a company’s stock, rather than having to buy whole shares. This means they can invest in their preferred companies or funds with any amount of money, even as little as $1.

Can I buy Apple stocks on Etoro?

Yes, you can buy and sell Apple stocks on Etoro.

What stocks to buy in Etoro?

Here are the top 5 latest stocks price you can buy on Etoro:
1) Microsoft (MSFT): $342.33 (-1.66%)
2) Meta Platforms Inc. (META): $281.00 (-0.29%)
3) NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA): $426.92 (+0.09%)
4) Alphabet (GOOG): $124.06 (-1.38%)
5) Nio Inc.-ADR (NIO): $9.40 (-3.98%)

How to buy Apple shares?

Step 1) Open a brokerage account with a reputable firm.
Step 2) Deposit funds into your account.
Step 3) Research Apple’s stock.
Step 4) Place an order through your brokerage account.
Step 5) Choose between market or limit orders.
Step 6) Decide the number of shares and how much you want to buy.
Step 7) Review and confirm your order.
Step 8) Monitor your investment regularly.

Who owns most of the Apple Stocks?

The largest individual shareholder of Apple is Vanguard Group Inc. They own 1.31 billion shares, which makes up 8.33% of the company. The current value of Vanguard Group Inc’s Apple shares is $242.21 billion.

How to open an Etoro account?

To open an Etoro account you can do signup using Google or Facebook and fill up the information which is required to start trading on Etoro.

Is it smart to invest in Apple Stocks?

Yes, it is smart because whenever Apple launch some new products, they tend to sell out quickly within a few hours so, it will be more beneficial for investors.

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